Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things are delicate.

I've never been delicate before in my life. The idea of delicateness has always intrigued me, mostly because it's something that I could never achieve, but I think it is eventually achievable. The older I get the stronger I would like to consider myself but that's not the case. I may be better at making decisions and solving problems but the decisions are great and the problems even greater. Delicate. I don't mind growing into the word.

Things are delicate.
Things are also great.
I hesitate at the inhale, but a breath of hot spiced air causes my lungs to collapse into an exhale. It just happens naturally.


Vegan pumpkin sugar cookies with maple icing. Chinese food leftovers for dinner. A very long catnap.




Pandora, recipe research, doting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Hey girl I just wanted to let you know you're gorgeous. Did you know that?"

So begins another week of faceless AM shifts. It's okay though, coz I brought my new best friend the jam jar to work. I've been drinking outta this thing for a week. There's this relaxing feeling I get when the warmth from my coffee seeps through and touches the palms of my hands.

Slow day. Cleaned a lot.

Back home. I have every intention of tackling my next project but it just doesn't happen. Doctors orders: bedrest for 30 minutes. It was loafing. Feeling yucky, shower, makeup, clean clothes, better. I trekked down broad street for a few blocks, met destination one, turned around, and worked my way back home. Sold some shorts that fit two summers ago for $2.40. I now have enough for a can of root beer and some candy. Later, though. Not now.

-At this interval in my story I get followed down 6 streets, across another, and behind one more by an old dood on a bike that keeps looking at me. I smile at him and wave and raise my eyebrows in a "hey, I acknowledge that you're following me" kind of way. He goes down another street. Finally. In the process of calling a friend and telling them about said incident I get honked at and some guy yells out "Hey, did you know that you're beautiful? I just wanted to let you know you're gorgeous." Ugh. Frustration. -

Home again. I start making smoked tomato "sausages" from scratch with the last of my wheat gluten. No tin foil = no sausage links. What to do. What to do... Quick idea number 1: double boil it without the tin foil. No bueno. Quick idea number 2: throw chunks into the now boiling water. Too soggy. Quick idea number 3: saute. Trial run. Delicious. The rest goes in.

Wow. This tastes like ground beef.

Project number two.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Could You Take My Picture, Cuz I Wont Remember

Seewww for the past hour I've had that horrible Filter song stuck in my head. You know, the one that came out in like 1999.

"Awake on my airplane/ Awake on my airplane/ My skin is bare/ My skin is theirs"


Woke up. 2 am, got a bottle of water out of boyfriend's fridge. Boyfriend runs downstairs with a poopy pug. Woke up. 8 AM. Starving. Left boyfriend in urgent need of breakfast.

The good stuff.

Jonathan arrives in RVA around 1. We have a cup of coffee, say some stuff, hang out with House, etc. Our first adventure for the day was selling some of my old clothes at Rumors in hopes of acquiring some gas money to make it to work tomorrow. Mission successful. I am now $7.25 richer at this point in the story. Next adventure- Kombucha & Ginger Root Beer. Thirst quenched. We start on our way back to E. Marsh and somehow miss our most opportune turn 4 or 5 times due to no one's fault and wind up passing Deep Groove, which I had previously mentioned to Jonathan that morning as some place boyfriend likes going for music. We stop in. Jonathan gives me the evil eye and is forever mad at me for bringing him into a store that happens to have everything he's ever dreamt of on vinyl. Jonathan, I'm sorry. He buys some stuff and reluctantly leaves some stuff behind.

Back home I make a french press of some Organic Yukon. We head out to eat vegan lunch across the street. We split a mushroom Philly "cheese steak" with yellow potato salad, which is my favvvoriteeee kind of potato salad. Once again we make a wrong turn in our path and wind up in an alley that is definitely not the alley to my backyard. I spot some clothes next to a trash can and some seriously chatty alley peepz who bless me and tell me that they surrender. I respond by saying that surrendering is the only way to get anywhere in life and we have an awesome conversation while I pick through some trash clothes. My find: Batman shirt, gold woven dress thing, LL Cool J jeans, bustier, vest, and a side sling bag. We pass a mailbox with a poster for some show on it. It's got a sweet scene from Alice in Wonderland on it so I grab it. Free clothes, free poster. More coffee. Soo hyper.

Put some stuff up on my walls.

Cat fights.



I have this urgent itch to craft something. Create something. Make. I make. Ugh. Oh, the woes of being broke in a new town with no new friends and nothing to do and no way to purchase supplies to make things to do etc. When, and by when I mean soon, WHEN I get paid I am going to go crazy. There is a stew of projects inside of my brain and the aroma is overwhelming.

First up:

DIY planner. I'm still debating on making a cheap version to sell to others, or just making a super intense badass planner fully customized to my own needs and likings. Eh. First step is getting paid, so I have about two weeks until I need to start making decisions. I think that one obstacle I may come across is not having any sort of software to help me in this endeavor. "DIY" I will do. it. myself. damn. you. Viva Los Manos! Who needs software? Not me.

More baking. I really super duper need some pie in my life right now. Pie is seriously expensive to make if you don't already have most of the ingredients in your pantry. I don't. Hmm, and obviously once I've gone to town on some pie dough I can easilly start playing with many different pastries. One of which being some sort of sweet brown sugar and maple "sausage" tart. I can picture it in my head as we speak (we being my blog and me).

Cat fur in my eyes, cold coffee in my cup, and some laundry requiring my doing. Farewell dear friend, I will return.

Monday, July 25, 2011

dry weather

cupcakes in the oven, some pinot, and glasses induced headache. fortunately i have absolutely nothing to distract me from this horrible game of waiting. 18 minutes until the cupcakes are firm yet spongey. 3 minutes of cooling in the freezer. 4 minute drive. impatience is my virtue, honestly.
rain rain rain rain rain rain rain.
very dissapointed that i was not able to go frolic in the tornado watch worthy rainstorm, but tomorrow will bring better adventures and flu-free fun.
rosy cheeks, and goodnight.